About Us

At 3k, Agriculture Has Been For More Than Two Generations An Effort That First Transformed From Tradition Into Experience And Then From Modern Agriculture Into Knowledge. With A Journey Of About 40 Years In Agriculture Business, 3k Global Has Reflected Its Knowledge And Experience To Its Products With Ultimate Care And Strategy Employing Modern Agricultural Practices. Our Company Maintaining The Procurement Of Fruits And Vegetables In The Country And Abroad Thanks To Its Wide Supply Network, Is Among The Strongest Players In The Agricultural Sector With Its Growing Farm And Production Areas, Cold Storages, Logistics And Cold Chain Vehicle Fleet. 

Established As A Greengrocer In Izmir In The 1980s, 3k Global Can Be Characterized As A Company That Combines The Traditional Agricultural Knowledge Of The First Generation With The Modern Agricultural Procedures Of The Second Generation In The 2000s And Serves As A Bridge In Agriculture From The Past To The Present.

The Quality Control Procedures Employed At Every Stage Ensure That The Products Are Delivered To The Sales Points And To The Public As End Consumers In Perfect, Unspoiled, Fresh, And Delicious Forms With Preserved Nutritional Values. Precision In Production And Auto-Control Mechanisms In Quality Constitute The Primary Company Values, Philosophy, And Corporate Policy Of 3k. Quality And Healthy Products Above Standards Represent The Core And Most Important Principal Of Production For 3k.        

Having Started Its Business Life As A Small-Scale Initiative 40 Years Ago, 3k Global Was Re-Established In 2014 By Changing Its Identity And Shell And Today, It Is A Family Company That Has Completed Its Institutionalization Process Under The Management Of The Second Generation And Is Dominated By A Highly Professional Management Approach. Today, 3k Is Consistently Progressing With A Management Approach That Blends Industrial Agriculture With Traditional Agriculture Experience On A Global Scale, Is Clean In Production With Its Agricultural Values From The Past, Does Not Harm Human Health, And Observes The Commercial Rights And Labor Of Domestic Producers And Farmers. In Addition, One Of The Most Important Company Policies Of 3k Is To Support Local Agricultural Cooperatives And Cooperate With Local Producers And Cooperatives. Thanks To These Collaborations And Investments Made In Its Own Distribution Chain, Our Company Has Reached A Position Capable Of Supplying 20 Thousand Tons Of Fresh Fruit And Vegetables Annually.